Advance Functionality of Smart Phones in Future

Smart phones are the latest trend today with huge functionalities among people throughout the world. The mobile phones which we are using now, is the initial wireless models of phone which had come to the market on 1980s. Those phones with advance technology and faster functionality have become into smart phones now. These mobile phones are basically popular due to its multi tasking facilities beside the regular phone calls services. Thus, with its huge work capability, it can work same like PC or Laptop and becoming the necessary part for everyone in daily life.

From the past few years, smart phones have already acquired many advanced and exceptional technologies. Today smart phones have been used not only for making calls or receiving calls but also to check your emails, browsing the Internet, doing social networking, do chatting from different parts of the world, playing mobile games, shooting videos and pictures and also watching lives videos too. The latest 3G and 4G wireless networking technology is so fast that you can watch live videos and download any files right away.

This new gadget with advanced technology will give you the maximum convenience by carrying it in your pockets. Some of the amazing features of smart phones that we can expect in a more advanced way in the upcoming future are:

Flexible Screen: Already the screen is going bigger day by day and these are expected that we will get more flexible and larger display for games and movies in pocket able size too.

Fast Processors: Future smart phones might be having more faster and powerful processors than the computer.Smart phones with higher processors will be much faster and will not hang repeatedly in near future.

Voice Control: It is one of the important features of smart phones and already got so many attentions in the past. But in future it is expected to become an excellent voice control that will combine with the voice and signal to make the conversation in different level of quality.

Built-in Projector: Smart phones in future would be expected with a built-in projector, which would be able to make the screen up to 50 inches in size.   It will be a new feature through which you can be able to enjoy your smart phone on bigger screen that will be useful for making any presentations too.

So, Future smart phones will come up with so many advance technology and other updated facilities which can work same like computer and can replace it very easily in some urgency.

How Smart Phones are Replacing Camera

In this world, so many people are interested in taking various photos and after the invention of high digital camera; it has been increased in large numbers. The digital camera gives us the facility to share photos with friends and families through internet very easily. But, it has been increased more after addition of cameras in smart phones as people prefer smart phones with camera over the digital camera.

As per the latest survey in the market, the sale of digital camera with medium price rate has started decreasing as the smart phone sale has started increasing in the market throughout the world. So, taking this thing into mind, most of the smart phones companies have already collaborate with the camera companies. The manufacturer of the digital camera now enhancing the development of the camera in a new technology to built it with high quality in the smart phones.

There are so many reasons why people are preferring camera in the smart phone over the digital camera.

Convenience Factor: The first reason it is very convenience to carry and use. People always carry smart phones with them and keep switch on the phone. So, if they want to click any picture at any time then they can do it by just pointing out and shoot the image. But for digital camera, it is not possible to carry this everywhere and if you are carrying this, then you need to first switch on the digital camera before using it. So, it is very convenient from user point of view.

Easy to Share Images with Others: If you shoot any image from digital camera and want to share it with others, then first you need to transfer the video or image into laptop or computer. With the help of internet connection, you can then share the images. But for mobile phone, you just need to click the images or videos and then directly share them with your friends or family. You can send them through either Wi-Fi or Blue tooth to other devices and easily post them in Social networking sites instantly.

Multi- Tasking Use: Though the images and videos quality of digital camera is much better than smart phones but it can only use for this single purpose whereas, the smart phone can be used for multi-tasking purpose. Mobile phones provides the facilities of incoming and outgoing calls, messages and so many other online tasks like email checking, social networking, browsing, photo uploading etc. In fact, with the latest and modern smart phones, people are not even using calculator, clock, i-pod etc. These are the factors that mobile phone companies are trying to give more features by building greater quality camera in the smart phones and thus the sale of smart phones is increasing rapidly.

Features of New Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

After months of waiting Apple has now announced its new mobile phone Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, launching date in U.S and in India. With pre-order, iPhone & and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in U.S. from 9th September and started shipping from 16th September, 2016 and in India, it will be available from 7th October. The starting price rate is Rs. 60,000.

The best camera update till now in the Apple’s new iPhone which comes with 12MP primary cameras and f/1.8 aperture.  But iPhone 7 Plus has an additional features of getting second 12MP telephoto camera. According to Apple, this camera sensor is 60% faster with 30% more energy than iPhone 6S and 6S plus. There is also a True Tone flash with quad LEDS which is a new addition with flicker sensor so that it will not give any artificial look in your photo. Both the cameras have 7MP FaceTime HD Cameras which will give a better look selfies. The most new addition is the secondary 12MP camera with 56mm telephoto lens. The dual camera gives the facilities to zoom 2X into any image optically and create a shallow depth effect. You can give up to 10X zoom of that image if you wish.

In this new iphone, Apple has removed the headphone jack. But in future, the earpods may be upgraded to include the lightning connector. Apple has also announced a new AirPods which are wireless and they are in two separate pieces which need not to connected by any wire. Also, Apple added stereo speakers on both of its new iPhones.

Both the phone has come with water and dust resistant and got IP67 certifications. But that does not mean that you can carry these phones for a swim. The new iPhones has faster and more powerful system on chip. The chip contain new features of four cores among two of these are high performance and the other two are high efficiency cores. Also, the graphics chip is now 50 percent faster than the previous generation of iPhone 6. All these combined features will give flawless performance on the new iPhones.

The new iPhones consists with better battery life in fact it can lasts 1 hour more than the iPhone 6s Plus in a day. As per Apple, iPhone7 Plus can last for 60 hours of wireless audios. Also, the new iPhone come with minimum 32GB internal storage capacity which can be increased up to 256 GB of storage capacity. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be available on two new colours – black and jet black. The colours  with glossy finishing look stunning in the pictures. The other colours options which can be available are – gold, silver and rose gold.

The high gloss finish new iphones with lots of new features create an awesome look so that it can easily attract the iPhone lovers towards it.

Top 8 within Budget Android Smart Phones for 2016

Smart phones are today taking as a status symbol and due to its different functionalities people are using this mobile in various purposes. But all smart phones may not be within your budget. So, if you are looking for smart phones which have recent modern functionalities too and that could within your budget like within Rs. 10,000, then you should check the below options. These mobile phones are within the range of Rs. 10,000 and offer the best combinations of quality, features and performances for all users.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: The price rate of this mobile is Rs. 9,999 in India and one of the best mobile with 16GB capacity to buy within your budget. The battery life is also very good and reliable and you could find so many functionalities in this mobile which gives the best performance among all.

Xiaomi Redi 3S Prime: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 powered device provide great performance as compare to the price rate. It has long battery life with 4100mAh battery power backup which can easily beats every other phone within this price range.

LeEco Le 1S Eco: This phone has additional functionalities which offer video content through various partners. The smart phone has 5.5 inch screen and has a solid body that gives an amazing look to this mobile. The phone is very easy to handle and does not slow down or hang. It has 13MP rear camera that will give good quality pictures.

Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen): The optimization process of Motorola is really very good that the phone performs better than most of the phones. This phone has a very good display and also offers water resistant capabilities. Motorola G always gives the updated Android version and that what it makes the phone in a good position in the smart phone market.

Lenovo K3: However, this is little older now but still running good in the market. It has Octa-core SoC that makes a very good user experience. You can also watch movie in this smart phone as it has a very good display capabilities.

Meizu M3 Note: This smart phone offers good quality hardware with octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage capacity. The battery backup is also very good with 4100mAh power inside which can give you a day usage capacity. The 13MP camera is able to take good quality images and the metal unibody is giving a great design to this mobile. This Meizu M3 Note is a best looking phone within your budget.

ASUS Zenfone Max: It has a great battery life and the recent updated 2016 Max is much faster than the previous ASUS mobile phones. It offers reliable performance with 13MP camera and 5.5 inch display. The battery back-up is also very good with 5000mAh which can easily run up to two days without charging the mobile.

XOLO Black 1 X: The phone has metal frame on its side. With 5 inch display, this XOLO phone offers the best PPi within this price rate. It has 13MP camera on the back but camera might have some lack of details. The front facing camera is little better and the battery backup is also very good.

All the above mobile phone is within your budget and under Rs. 10,000 Indian currency including lots of modern functionalities and facilities in-built into it.

Why People are Using Smart Phones


People are now looking for mobile phone to buy with numerous options available in the market. All of them definitely have some basic features and allow the user to make and receive calls, do messages but other than that each and every model have come with different useful and interesting features. So, such mobile phones with different functionalities and smart features are called now as smart phones.

No other electronic gadget has become as popular as the mobile phone over the last few years. However, some people are still using smart phones for the basic purpose of either making or receiving calls but another section of our society has already realize the features and helpfulness of this device for the users. Thus, the consumers are researching on the competition of the market and so each manufacturer is coming with new model to bit its competitors with some novel features too.

Such features will not only helpful for personal use but also for business purpose too. Some of this phone can also be comparable with tiny computer or laptop with complete operating systems, keyboard and so many other features.

Here are some important features mentioned below which make the consumers to go with the smart phones:

Full Operating Systems: Smart phones come with full operating systems with complete facility of mobile computing. You can perform most of the functionalities as like your computer such as copy-paste of any document, word processing, notebook writings and many more.

Internet: You will get the access to the Internet and check email from your smart phone, which is really among the most useful thing to do in your phone. It will be greatly helpful for the business person as they can check as well as send emails conveniently as a complete keyboard is built in with the smart phone too. Such features may also help to the students and families as they can get in touch with all of them. Also, you can do online shopping, whats app, serving social networking sites, browse the web anytime of the day or night.

Applications: Every smart phone is loaded with lots of applications and they have also the facilities to download more applications as required by the users. A large number of users find this as a huge facility because such application features in the gadgets make their life more entertaining and comfortable too.

Camera with Video Functionalities: Smart phones are built in with camera and video recording option also. Many users find this as a great source of saving of buying expensive digital camera. You will get front as well as back camera facility in your mobile phone which is really useful for all.