Features of New Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

After months of waiting Apple has now announced its new mobile phone Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, launching date in U.S and in India. With pre-order, iPhone & and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in U.S. from 9th September and started shipping from 16th September, 2016 and in India, it will be available from 7th October. The starting price rate is Rs. 60,000.

The best camera update till now in the Apple’s new iPhone which comes with 12MP primary cameras and f/1.8 aperture.  But iPhone 7 Plus has an additional features of getting second 12MP telephoto camera. According to Apple, this camera sensor is 60% faster with 30% more energy than iPhone 6S and 6S plus. There is also a True Tone flash with quad LEDS which is a new addition with flicker sensor so that it will not give any artificial look in your photo. Both the cameras have 7MP FaceTime HD Cameras which will give a better look selfies. The most new addition is the secondary 12MP camera with 56mm telephoto lens. The dual camera gives the facilities to zoom 2X into any image optically and create a shallow depth effect. You can give up to 10X zoom of that image if you wish.

In this new iphone, Apple has removed the headphone jack. But in future, the earpods may be upgraded to include the lightning connector. Apple has also announced a new AirPods which are wireless and they are in two separate pieces which need not to connected by any wire. Also, Apple added stereo speakers on both of its new iPhones.

Both the phone has come with water and dust resistant and got IP67 certifications. But that does not mean that you can carry these phones for a swim. The new iPhones has faster and more powerful system on chip. The chip contain new features of four cores among two of these are high performance and the other two are high efficiency cores. Also, the graphics chip is now 50 percent faster than the previous generation of iPhone 6. All these combined features will give flawless performance on the new iPhones.

The new iPhones consists with better battery life in fact it can lasts 1 hour more than the iPhone 6s Plus in a day. As per Apple, iPhone7 Plus can last for 60 hours of wireless audios. Also, the new iPhone come with minimum 32GB internal storage capacity which can be increased up to 256 GB of storage capacity. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be available on two new colours – black and jet black. The colours  with glossy finishing look stunning in the pictures. The other colours options which can be available are – gold, silver and rose gold.

The high gloss finish new iphones with lots of new features create an awesome look so that it can easily attract the iPhone lovers towards it.

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