Advance Functionality of Smart Phones in Future

Smart phones are the latest trend today with huge functionalities among people throughout the world. The mobile phones which we are using now, is the initial wireless models of phone which had come to the market on 1980s. Those phones with advance technology and faster functionality have become into smart phones now. These mobile phones are basically popular due to its multi tasking facilities beside the regular phone calls services. Thus, with its huge work capability, it can work same like PC or Laptop and becoming the necessary part for everyone in daily life.

From the past few years, smart phones have already acquired many advanced and exceptional technologies. Today smart phones have been used not only for making calls or receiving calls but also to check your emails, browsing the Internet, doing social networking, do chatting from different parts of the world, playing mobile games, shooting videos and pictures and also watching lives videos too. The latest 3G and 4G wireless networking technology is so fast that you can watch live videos and download any files right away.

This new gadget with advanced technology will give you the maximum convenience by carrying it in your pockets. Some of the amazing features of smart phones that we can expect in a more advanced way in the upcoming future are:

Flexible Screen: Already the screen is going bigger day by day and these are expected that we will get more flexible and larger display for games and movies in pocket able size too.

Fast Processors: Future smart phones might be having more faster and powerful processors than the computer.Smart phones with higher processors will be much faster and will not hang repeatedly in near future.

Voice Control: It is one of the important features of smart phones and already got so many attentions in the past. But in future it is expected to become an excellent voice control that will combine with the voice and signal to make the conversation in different level of quality.

Built-in Projector: Smart phones in future would be expected with a built-in projector, which would be able to make the screen up to 50 inches in size.   It will be a new feature through which you can be able to enjoy your smart phone on bigger screen that will be useful for making any presentations too.

So, Future smart phones will come up with so many advance technology and other updated facilities which can work same like computer and can replace it very easily in some urgency.

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