What More Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Added in its Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recently launched by the Samsung Company with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But the latest Android OS update is Android 7.0 Nougat for which so many users are worries about the latest version of this Samsung Galaxy. However, Note 7 has so many features added into it with full facilities of Nougat and even more than this. So, here are some major features and facilities of Android 7.0 Nougat with the comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Quick Setting Buttons: There is a facility of customization of quick setting on Samsung Note 7 including a search bar which will help you to find things easily on your mobile.

Multi Window support: In 2012, Samsung has already provided multi window functionality on Note 2. It has been refined in a great way in Note 7 with some little limitation of supporting apps. You can get a pop-up mode on Note 7 to open a second window in a freeform setup.

Clear all facility: Samsung Company is already providing this facility from the past few of its devices.

Newly Update Settings: The settings of Samsung Galaxy have been revamped and now it is easier to use than before. The drawback with Nexus and Android 7.0 Nougat is that the settings don’t have the facility of cool status data lines.

Reply Notifications: You will get the direct reply notifications facilities with Samsung. The Samsung Note 7 have the capabilities to respond to the messages without leaving any app you already opened.

Blue Light Filter: Sunset to Sunrise, Manual Toggle and Custom timing options are present in the Note7.These new options have been added in it.

Multi Tasking: If you use S Pen and the Glance shortcut on Air command, then you can do activities between two apps easily. You can toggle with both the apps by flying on your S Pen over a floating app thumbnail. So, you don’t need to worry of closing one app and working on another. It has the multi tasking apps facilities.

Graphics APIs: In previous models, Samsung already offered this and in Note 7 also, this facility is present. In fact, it will even work on Gear VR head set.

Scaling Display: This facility is presented to your Samsung Note 7 during the initial set up. You can adjust your display with small scaling and able to fit with 5.5 inches gorgeous screen so that you could customize and decide how much you can see at one glance.

Now, if you check the above facilities of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then you would able to understand that it is even offering more functionalities than Android 7.0 Nougat are not able to provide including the below:

On – Display mode

Advance security facility with Iris Scanner

Edge panels to provide more efficiency

Advance functionalities with S Pen support

So, you need not to worry about the updated Android operating system on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as so many facilities are in built in the newly modeled mobile phone and your device is always secure as well as compare to any others.

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