Smart Phone and Social Networking Popularities among Students

Mobile phone audience is now not only limited for the business to business publication but also spread out among the families and students. The demographical change of such usage of smart phones is important to the operators, organizers, vendors and other industry sectors to know which are in highly demand of smart phones. According to the current market research of mobile phone users, the behavior and preference of a group of students age between 16 to 25 are much more addicted and learning about the usage of various features and functionalities of smart phones.

There are varieties of mobile phones in the market and researchers are trying to find which one is the most usage phone and popular in various sectors. Also, it is under observation that which of the mobile phone services offers more opportunities and have the potentiality to make growth in the mobile industry.

After the survey, here are the reports about the smart phone popularity among students:

Students are very much addicted towards smart phones. The frequency of using and checking mobile phones are really raising eyebrows as 83 % of the surveyed students check their smart phones within 5 minutes of waking up and almost all of them look their phone after15 minutes of their waking up. Mainly, half of the students replied that it is the first thing they did after waking up. In fact, according to the report students are mainly checking their smart phone device from 20 to 50 times a day. Student generation mainly do the use of the smart phones for social media and messaging. Almost 55 % students did social media activities on their smart phones at least 50 minutes a day.

Ecommerce industries are growing rapidly through online. About 30% of the students are now only preferred to buy any products through online stores rather than 70% are preferred to go to the store for shopping. So, smart phones are not so much popular to do online shopping among students still yet.

Now, what the students more willing do through their smart phones are the top three mobile apps – Facebook, Instagram and Whats App. 65% of the market has already dominate with such social networking sites and connectivity creation networks among friends and families. Students are today very much addicted towards the Facebook and after research we found that maximum users of Facebook are students.

Smart phones are also used for various games applications. Students love to download games on their phones and play whenever they are free. Very few students with almost 30% are using smart phones for studying. There are so many potentialities of using mobile phones for studying, academic tuitions through mobile apps and tools but still we did not find so many students are aware about this or using these facilities.

Mobile banking is also going popular day by day among the age between 19 to 25 and even more. Some of them are still not using because of safety and security issues. Even, students are using their smart phone for recharging their mobile phones too.

Smart Phones can be used as many way as it is possible but the most popular activities among students with smart phones are the social networking activities. So, we need to improve the capabilities of usage of smart phones for the benefit of the students rather than only doing social media.

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