Origin of Smart Phones

The named “smart phone” is being used by all the persons in the market field of communication which describes the type of the phone that has huge features and is more advanced than any other simple mobile phone in the market. There must be a mystery on this particular term of “smart phones” associated among the people. This term may be described in a different way in different countries and some of them are even misleading as it covers a wider area with the description of modern cell phone.  So, it is necessary to know why cell phone is actually termed as “smart phone” and what actually make them smart.

Like any other normal mobile phone, smart phone supports the calling features. But, not only for making or receiving call, it is does offers so many other facilities which you will not found in any traditional or normal cell phones. Modern smart phones include lots of facilities like laptops or computers and thus, people are very much willing to buy such phones. You can send and receive emails if you have internet connections on your smart phones. Even, it is also possible to edit any Microsoft Office document or Word through your smart phones. Thus, it is becoming more interesting to know how the smart phone has been developed and what the history behind this is.

Previously, phones were only used for calling. They don’t have any special features, in fact we don’t need such facilities too because personal digital organizers take care of other necessities. They helped us in storing phone books, saving others phone numbers, checking calendars, maintaining a To-do list, save other personal information and even generate reminders too. But as time changes, people are more updated and their requirement has also changed. Thus, professionals from digital organizers started researching on this which can store more information and could helpful for people in their daily life. In fact, digital organizers were trying to maintain two devices simultaneously because on such moment they required more space to save everything and were bulky to carry. So, they need to create the combination of both the functionalities into one common device that can work and store information like laptop or computer and also support calling features like any normal mobile phone. So, at the end the mobile phone is carrying smartly with all the functionalities and features and as a result with the name “smart phone”.

At the beginning, smart phones have normal functionalities like computers such as operating systems of iOS, Blackberry OS, Microsoft’s OS, Google Android OS or any other mobile phone based OS.  In addition, there are now software that supports basic apps like address book, call manager, edition of documents, Wi- Fi connections, videos, cameras, recording, taking snapshot and also even downloading application options too. Previously, there were 2 G internet connection was available in the mobile but now, you can get 3G and even 4G speed internet access on your smart phone.

So, to enhance the usage of smart phones, it has so many types of accessories and built in applications or options to download more applications as per your requirements.

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